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Ask me anything   she's the girl who smile when her heart is hurting. she ambitious and full of life.. yet she have a long road ahead of me.. so she rather laugh at the unfunny and smile at the dullest hope... because she's too full of life to waste it , why ponder on what's wrong with the world. we all know the world can be a fat sack of dick and balls . You either get fucked or get on top and ride til you can ride anymore... :] so that leaves me with riding the hell out of life.. :>

"it all works out eventually, just breathe through existing moments and whatever happens after is what should’ve been. trust the universe."
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waifus chillin with their crew

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Thinking out loud

She did what any girl in love will do, she loved you 💑. She text you good morning text and told you she loved you. She told her friends about you an how special you are. She call and text you only to not get a response, she deserved better but all she thought she deserved was you . She loved you . But you didn’t love her the same way. Once she finally see you will never love her the way she loves you. She builds herself up and moved on and she was happy 😆. Once you realized you really messed up something good it’s too late , she ignores your calls and texts. And doesn’t give you the time of day. Her attitude shows she doesn’t care anymore , you had your chance and all you did was break her heart . Your apologies and sob stories doesn’t phrase her . She doesn’t forget and probably haven’t forgave.I guess you don’t know what you go until it’s gone .

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FDB - Young Dro

i’m gonna walk down the aisle to this at my wedding.

invite all that niggas old exes and just start pointing to the crowd.

hol up hol up

Greatest song of 2013


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poppin it in my room

What you know bout this song

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